What is 1Password?

Not all password managers are created equal. 

1Password is easy to learn, use, and add into daily routines – protecting yourself and your company. 

You can securely store, manage, access, and share credentials, documents, and other sensitive information no matter where they are. 

Save time in your workflows with 1Password

1Password saves an employee 6.9 hours a year on average by eliminating time spent resetting passwords, waiting to gain access to systems, or manually entering passwords.

6.9 hours a year saved

22% of an employee’s time is spent on repetitive tasks, with entering passwords and looking for documents as just a few examples.

22% of time spent on repetitive tasks

An easy and secure way to save time in your routine

1Password is designed specifically with end users in mind so it’s easy for anyone to quickly learn and use. 

It’s simple to save, autofill, and access credentials, documents, and company data to save you more time in daily workflows.

What you can expect with 1Password

Active threat monitoring and automatic alerts

1Password continuously monitors your data for potential security risks or threats with Watchtower. 

Get notified of potential threats with automatic, actionable recommendations so you can take charge with a few clicks.

Industry-leading security you can rely on

1Password is secure by design, with its unique dual-key encryption, end-to-end encrypted vaults, and their industry vetted secure model. 

You can rest easy knowing your information is always secure.